Dr. Bharat Saluja

I am writing to express my highest level of satisfaction with the services provided by you for the renovation of our family home. Your ability to manage all design deliverables, innovative design concepts, and professionalism exceeded our expectations. You truly invested more of yourself in the project than what the overall project fee was worth.

I highly recommend your services and can attest to the fact that you are a reliable, trustworthy, and creative individual. Your ability to connect psychologically with the interiors and our family values is truly unique. Your unique ability to do interiors differently from the norm is evident in your design identity, which was demonstrated through the use of multi-layered finishes, introducing sculptural art, and using quality finishes. Finally, your designs also considered the need of our pets, making you stand out from other designers we met.

Thank you for creating a beautiful space for our family to enjoy for years to come.