Step 6: Detailed Design
Finally, we will move on to the detailed design phase, during which we will create floor plans, select specific furniture pieces and décor items, and choose lighting and accessories. We will work closely with you to ensure that the design meets your needs and stays within your budget. At this stage every detail and specification of the project is documented and presented for final approval.

Step 7: Create Detailed Floor Plans
A detailed floor plan will be created that accurately reflects the space’s size and dimensions. The floor plans will indicate the placement of furniture, fixtures, and other elements, as well as any necessary modifications to the space, such as wall or door removal, as well as other bespoke design elements.

Step 8: Select Finishes and Materials
Based on the design concept, select finishes and materials for the space, such as flooring, wall coverings, lighting fixtures, and window treatments. We will ensure to consider factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, and cost.

Step 9: Develop Detailed Preliminary Drawings and Elevations:
Develop detailed drawings and elevations that illustrate the design concept and provide a clear understanding of how the space will look and function. These drawings may include furniture plans, lighting plans, electrical plans, and 3D renders and virtual reality experience.

Step 10: Create a Detailed Specification Schedule:
We will generate a comprehensive specification schedule which details the chosen finishes, furniture, materials, and accessories for the interior space. Our proprietary software, FFEDOC, is used to create this document. The relevant stakeholders will be granted access to all pertinent specifications, brochures, technical data, installation instructions, and maintenance guides.

Step 11: Present Detailed Designs and Corresponding FFE Schedules to the client:
Once the detailed design is complete, the Interior Designer will present it to the client for review and final approval. Any necessary revisions can be made at this stage.

Step 12: Final Approval of the Detailed Design:
Once the client approves the detailed design, finalize all drawings, specifications, and documentation necessary to begin the construction phase of the project, which we call the “Build & Install” phase.

Step 13: Develop Detailed Bespoke Furniture, Fixtures and Material Designs:
We will identify all bespoke requirements for your project, including drapery, custom furniture, lighting, rugs, digital solutions, signage, sculptural art, etc. We will consult with a bespoke joiner, artisan, or furniture maker to discuss your project and requirements. They will work alongside the team to understand the overall design vision, requirements, and style preferences of the client. We will provide them with sketches, renders, photos, or any other details that will help them understand what you want. Based on this consultation, the joiner, artisan, or furniture maker will create a design concept for your approval. Once the design is agreed upon, the joiner, artisan, or furniture maker will help you select the materials to be used and discuss the lead-times. This could include different types of wood, metal, glass, or any other materials required for the project.