Welkom Student Residence

Date: 2017
Location: Bloemfontein, South Africa
Client: Archi Studio
Category: Hospitality

Archi Studio sought my expertise to enhance the interior design, ambiance, and space planning of a Student Residence in Bloemfontein. I took on the challenge to create an inviting and functional living space for the students. The main goal was to optimize the available space and craft an aesthetically pleasing environment that promotes productivity and relaxation.

We meticulously planned and executed a design scheme that seamlessly combined modern elements with practicality. By carefully selecting color palettes, furnishings, and decor, we achieved a cohesive look that resonates with the vibrant energy of the student community. The use of versatile furniture and multifunctional spaces optimized the limited area while maintaining a comfortable living experience.

Our dedication to detail and creativity allowed us to transform the Student Residence into a place that fosters a sense of community and inspires personal growth. The result is a beautifully curated space that aligns with Archi Studio’s vision and exceeds the expectations of our client.