Loan Gallery Finance

Date: 2019
Location: Hood Street, Airport West, Australia
Client: Loan Gallery Finance
Category: Commercial

I had the opportunity to work on an engaging project for Loan Gallery Finance, where they desired to construct a new building to house their staff offices in Airport West. My role involved creating a comprehensive design concept that showcased the new building concept, interior aesthetics and optimal space planning.

The project aimed to harmoniously blend functionality and visual appeal, offering Loan Gallery Finance’s diligent staff an inspiring and conducive work environment. I carefully crafted a design that fostered collaboration, productivity, and overall well-being, considering every aspect to meet the company’s needs.

Emphasizing innovation and efficiency, the design concept incorporated contemporary elements that aligned seamlessly with Loan Gallery Finance’s brand identity while catering to the practical requirements of a modern office space.

Throughout the project, I presented the design concept, captivating the client with a compelling vision for their new offices. Loan Gallery Finance eagerly anticipated the project’s realization, and I took great pride in knowing the positive impact it would have on their operations and the satisfaction of their valued staff members.