22 Island Point Project

Date: 2022-2023
Location: Waterways, Australia
Client: Dr. Bharat Saluja
Category: Residential

I had the pleasure of doing an interior design home renovation project for a remarkable couple. The client is the Unit Head for Young Persons Mental Health Service and Acute Inpatient Unit at Monash Health, as well as an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Monash University. His wife is professionally trained in Goulding Sleep Talk® for children, and she has a strong passion for acting, singing, and dancing, having performed in various exciting and challenging roles across India, Singapore, and Australia. They both decided to embark on a renovation and extension of their Waterways home, tailored to complement their dynamic lifestyle.

My design approach centered around leveraging design psychology to create an intuitive, human-centered, and nature-inspired home. Drawing inspiration from the warm and generous hospitality I experienced when first meeting the Saluja Family, the interior design concept is rooted in the psychology behind the hospitality industry. The goal was to emulate the welcoming atmosphere and personal care one finds in a luxury hotel.

The overarching theme of THE HOTEL encapsulates the essence of treating every visitor, whether family, friend, or stranger, as a cherished and special guest. The emphasis lies in conveying a sense of value, respect, and love to all who enter the home. Authenticity and a feeling of being embraced and completely at ease with the Saluja family were the driving forces behind the interior look-and-feel.

Throughout this project, I focused on infusing each space with a blend of elegance and comfort, creating a unique experience for anyone who steps inside. Nature-inspired elements were incorporated to foster a connection with the surroundings, making the interior an extension of the serene outdoor environment.

This project is close to completion.